About the company

Global Group implements the transformational planning that brings about significant strategic changes, and modernizes rural communities around the globe – leading them to better health, increased economic prosperity, and a higher quality of life.

A pioneer of international development

Global Group believes in the modernization, stabilization, and welfare of communities in Africa, South & Central America, and Europe, and has over ten years of experience in developing innovative and comprehensive solutions that successfully revolutionize regional economies and improve the lives of millions of people. Global Group designs and runs projects in a range of areas that include agriculture, food security, infrastructure, transportation, technology, and water solutions.

At Global Group, we believe in excellence

Our team implements groundbreaking projects requiring in-depth understanding and expertise in different fields – spearheading change and strategizing successfully to make exceptional ideas happen. We dare to dream and excel in carrying out the momentous enterprises that advance rural areas, bringing a better future to communities around the globe.

Food Security




Main Projects In Highlights

South America

Rehabilitation of large cargo train concession from non operated cargo line full operative transport service provider and dry port establishment and operating with annual volume of million tons, linking the center of the country to the one of the main ports in the Pacific ocean.

West Africa

Design, build and operate national large scale water purification facility to meet the need for clean water for a population of about 1 million people.


Providing strategic system based solutions in the energy sector, transportation (airport, train lines, others).

East Africa

Manage national agriculture project across several states as part of government desire to create a transformation in the agriculture sector.