The Republic of South Sudan gained its independence from the Republic of Sudan in 2011, making it the newest country with widespread recognition.

The Civil war in the country was ended in 2018 with the peace agreement signed between involved parties.

South Sudan might be the leading country for Agro products export in the region despite the hot climate conditions.

In December 2015, The Government of South Sudan and Global Group signed the agreement for establishing the large-scale national agricultural project called “Green Horizon” (GH).

The Green Horizon Project aimed at:

  • Increasing agricultural production of the country to enhance food security.
  • Boosting National Economy by exporting local Agro Products.
  • Training Smallholder Farmers on innovative farming technologies.
  • Improving of production and productivity, and commercialization of traditional farming sector

The Government of South Sudan provided 24,000 Hectares of land for entire project.

In this stage, 2,200 Hectares of the land are developed in 4 existing farms and 4 Community Commercial Farms (CCF).

GH employs hundreds of permanent and thousands of daily workers, in additional medical and educational services are provided to local communities.

Green Horizon Activities Locations

Community Commercial Farming (CCF)
Development of existing Farms
4 Extensive Agricultural Farms / 4 CCF Farms

Canadian Farm, The main farm for grains production.

  • March 2017 – Land Preparation stage.
  • May 2017 – First Seeding Cycle of grains, 70Ha.
  • Every 90-110 days – The new cycle of grains is sown.
  • November 2017 – March 2018 – Installation of Central Pivot Irrigation System.
  • April 2018 – Enlargement of farm area to 600Ha, 420Ha are under Center Pivot Irrigation.

New Land Farm, The main farm for fruits and vegetables production.

  • July 2016 – First Seeding Cycle, 20Ha.
  • Every 60 days – The new cycle of vegetables is sown.
  • December 2016 – Establishment of R&D Center in the farm.
  • April 2017 – Establishment of 2Ha Net House and 14Ha open field development.
  • December 2017 – Establishment of 10Ha Banana Plantation.

CCF Vision

To empower farmers’ economic ability, by combining South Sudan communities’ advantages (indigenous knowledge) with Green Horizon Economies of scale capabilities.


  • To triple the production and selling ability of individual farmers, by implementing GH Agro-Industrial business resources, within short term agreements.
  • General Concept: To Create an advanced industrial farming system, with central facility to manage the investments, instructions/knowledge, production and marketing of produce of motivated farmers.

Green Horizon Supports Local Communities and brings better future to South Sudan.

  • We are supporting local clinic in Jabel Ladu are and providing lives saving medicines.
  • We are supporting local community school in order to ensure better education.

Visit of South Sudan Vice President

Introduction of the new agricultural study program in Jabel Ladu community school, Expansion of the working hours in the Community Clinic.

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