Global Group is involved in diverse projects in Africa, South & Central America and Europe

providing expert services and working together with local communities to spur economic growth and sustainability. Global Group’s activities include smart cities, transportation and dry ports.

Smart Cities

Global Group facilitates the transformation of cities using advanced technology and data, successfully combatting urban challenges such as issues relating to service delivery, education, healthcare, and safety.


Global Group is laying tracks for the future of Third World economies through the renovation and operation of freight trains, replacing transport by truck – transforming community and regional development by facilitating precious goods transport, creating new jobs, and opening up opportunities.

Dry Ports

Global Group develops inland terminals, directly connected by road to a seaport, which operate as centers for the transshipment of sea cargo. By creating a single hub, dry ports reduce costs, eliminate delays in the truck flow, reduce tax evasion, and facilitate rapid mobilization of a safety stock for strategic products.